BMMC Network Minecraft Servers
 Serenity Minecraft Server

Welcome to BMMC Minecraft Network 1.10.2 - 1.14.4

New Lobby join world! Login once for all servers!
(use /portal or walk to area portal to join servers)

Serenity 1.14.4
Tranquility 1.14.4

Skyblock 1.14.4
BatmanMC 1.10.2
Playground 1.14.4

Current Connection IP List

(The port number is not usually needed, if you have trouble connecting to get port number join our discord and use command !ip)

YouTwitch 1.13.2-1.15.2
(upon request. Join by invite only)

Current Streamer: Twitch (Bat-Craft Survival Stream)

Live Server Stream

Sign Up For Contest as soon as everyone votes on dates in Discord.

Pick 2 you can attend and we will match dates so that everyone can attend, plan a bit of time.

Possibly a few hours for a day or two to get the items needed to win

MC Premium and BMMC VIP Contest

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We are part of a bungee so there are a couple ways to connect.  The easiest way to join Serenity is to connect to to register.
**There is a Client Bug that will "disconnect.spam" if you have auto-complete enabled in your Game Options on older version servers.
The way to work around this is to type /login [your secret password]  then WAIT for a count of  5-7 slowly in real seconds!

Now type /portal

Click the Emerald Ore for Serenity 1.14.4

Click the Feather for Skyblock 1.14.4

Click Batman Darknight Head for BMMC 1.10.2 - 1.12.2

Click Boat for Playground 1.14.4

Click Diamond Sword for Tranquility 1.14.4

Secret Transport Method for YouTwitch 1.13.2 - 1.15.x (Join by Special Invite Only)



YouTwitch Server General Info

All YouTube and Twitch recording and streaming channels, low sub counts or followers allowed and will be considered for time to record on the YouTwitch server.

Followers required but "low" count will not automatically deny your request.

Must mention server in video and with and for people to join regular server or so they can put in their own requests.

World edit and creative for video making as well as global channel hide so talk does not show up in instructional videos and to generally quiet the screen.

Check out our customized texture pack for 1.10 - 1.14

*Coming Soon: Custom Texture Pack Compilation From ScienceLover89 Stay Tuned!!

Download The BMMC Network Texture Pack
Batman Minecraft Video Playlist by sciencelover89 Serenity Minecraft Videos by sciencelover89

Contact Serenity Staff: *as with all email check spam folder for replies.

Sciencelover89 - Sciencelovers Youtube MC and More!
BluPenDragon  -  BluPenDragon Twitch MC and More!
Magiere - Magiere Admin Page

Weepingangel0728 - Weepingangel0728 Twitch and More!

EaglePro321 - EaglePro321 Bio Page

General Info, Password Resets, Ban Appeals sent to:
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