Basic Info

Factions Claim Protection 
(no wars these are peaceful build factions. raiding of timed out factions is allowed)
Multiple Faction Warps (up too 10 per faction) can be set ($5000 igm each) /f warp go [customname] (great forbaseoffsite member homes and spawners

Start with 20 Chunk Claim Power Per Member
Claiming Chunks uses faction wallet at $25k per chunk purchased (un-claim returns $7500)
Player Shops Area and GUI Menu /shop (shop claims size by rank)
Public Warp System, Purchase spot in /shop gui free
Villager Trade Outposts /traders
Faction Sponsored Public EXP Farms /ef
Bank System with interest and loans available
Jobs - get game money for tasks you do in game
(i.e. Farming, Mining, Hunting, and More)
Wildlands: exploration and mining gathering world. Changes bi-monthly Special mobs can spawn on surface with chance of huge rewards
(Admin Shops & Player Shops will buy excess goods)
Members Start With 3 /sethome [name]  | personal warps (after set use /home [name] to teleport to the set area)
Backpack for extra travel storage /bp (or click hand held backpack in inventory)
Keep Inventory in Main World
(The End and Wildlands, Keep Inventory is off and in void items are not retrievable by returning to your death spot)
Special Craftable Items
Custom Mobs
Custom Quests


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