Basic Info

Mini-Games Server.
New games added regularly
Many Premium Game Plug-ins making them more stable

Partial list of available mini-games:

Hunger Games - PVP area
Kit PVP - Team and 1v1 3 arenas
Block Party - Stand on the correct color block, last one standing wins!
Mob Arena - Fight waves of mobs with your friends. random mobs, special mob swarms and Boss mobs. Win prizes and money!
Parkour - jump from block to block, don't fall! times are visible in the trophy room showing the head and fastest time of to 10!
Volleyball - Open house rules game pick teams, try to keep the ball in the air over the net for points to win the game.
Bedwars - PVP by buying blocks and making bridges to enemies.  PROTECT YOUR BED! If you die after you bed has been destroyed your out.
Build Battle - up to 4 players at once. random topic is shown you need to build your interpretation of the subject. players judge others at end to determine the winner.
Splegg - Break blocks under other players to win and gain coin to use in the game shop for special items to use while playing

While you wait for other to join the games you can watch chat for word scrambles. Get one correct for Playgound betting cash!



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