BMMC SkyBlock

Basic Info

You start by creating a small island with random items in a chest. /is create
Island commands you can use are;
/is home - teleport to your island
(use /is fixhome if you get an error on the current location of the /is home as mining the block its on will prevent it from use)
/is spawn - return to first spawn village (there is a public enchant table here)
/is fly - ability to fly in your island only
Biome Changes cost is prorated by rank.  Basic member biome change is 25k igm
Each block you place on the island counts toward your island value in /is rank
Custom Ore Generators: Member, VIP and MVP standard miscellaneous blocks.
With custom gui /genupgrade you can select from several bonus Ore Gen to stock on certain block types
(each gen has a timer and a in game money cost)

Full Nether to explore alone or with other island owners to gain supplies.
Trade across islands with /trade
(trade goods for goods or money)
Admin Shop uses commands, hold and item and type /worth to see unit cost. To sell use command /sell hand

Backpack for extra travel storage /bp (or click hand held backpack in inventory)
Keep Inventory in Main World

Special Craftable Items
Custom Mobs
Daily Bonus /kit (s)


Contact Serenity Staff: *as with all email check spam folder for replies.

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